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Fair 4U Designs creates high quality custom aprons using state of the art equipment. We can create an endless variety of designs/ logo using high quality materials leaving you with an apron  you will enjoy for years.


We strive at offering competitive pricing and it is important to us to have your product completed, and delivered in a timely fashion even though the concept has various stages.


Have your staff represent your business to the highest degree by wearing your own personalized custom aprons.


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"Since 1976, l have been involved in many aspects of the entertainment business, from carnivals to the circus. 35 years of many roads traveled. During this time l have experienced firsthand the many changes in the industry. I am eager to generate new ideas to help make the industry more rewarding and profitable for owners as well as customers. In 1980 my partner and l founded Fair 4 All Concessions and introduced new vibrant canvas colors to the carnival industry. In the following years midways across the country adapted the new color scheme, which lead to brighter midways. Since then LED lights, flashers, sound systems, and much more have been added to make games and food trailers more attractive to the customer. My future vision for midways is: An apron that represents your company brand, is durable and ultimately a key component to the uniform."




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By Azoddy Ford
September 20, 2017

I love the material and the stitching is tough as nails.. no rips or tears.. not even a hole worn through at all!! I wear mine every day in the game and it stands out like none other!!! These aprons are OUTSTANDING !!!
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